Maine Central

Maine Central ordered “two 3000 HP Diesel Freight Locomotives” on 20th November 1947, with for $645,300 each as their first diesel freight locomotives. The following month, until 671A&B and 672A&B, arrived; they were early Phase III “chicken wire” F3 units. Equipped with low roof fans, dynamic brakes and steam generators in all four units, they were used on the overnight Portland-Worcester run of the State of Maine and Portland-Bangor symbol freights, at that time numbering four in each direction.

The Class DF-3 was built with “chicken wire” grills and steam generators for possible use on passenger trains, but all Maine Central F3s spent most of their lives pulling freight trains on the mainline and Mountain Subdivision. Class DF-4 had the EMD F7-style grills and were sometimes called F5s. The F3s were traded in for EMD GP38s in 1966.

Green paint started in 1956, passenger service was just about gone so it’s believed that the steam generators would have been removed prior to receiving green paint.

671ADF-3F3ADec 19474494Dec 1966Red until at least 1952. Green by May 1957.Traded for GP38sRR Pictures Archive
671BDF-3F3BDec 19474496Nov 1966Red until at least 1952. Green by May 1957.Traded for GP38s
672ADF-3 F3ADec 19474495Nov 1966Red until at least 1954. Green by Aug 1961.Traded for GP38sRR Pictures Archive, RR Pictures Archive
672BDF-3F3BDec 19474497Dec 1966Green by May 1957.Traded for GP38sRR Pictures Archive
681DF-4F3ANov 19485695Dec 1966Green by Apr 1958. Pilot stripes were added by Oct 1958.Traded for GP38sRR Picture Archives
682DF-4 F3ANov 19485696Dec 1966Red until at least Jun 1966.Last of her class to wear original maroon paint. Pilot stripes were added later, the only F unit with have pilot stripes and maroon paint. Traded for GP38sRR Picture Archives
683DF-4 F3ANov 19485697Nov 1966Red until at least Jan 1955. Green by Aug 1961.Traded for GP38sRR Picture Archives
684DF-4 F3ANov 19485698Dec 1966Green with pilot stripes by Aug 1964.Traded for GP38sRR Picture Archives
685DF-4 F3ANov 19485699Jul 1966Red until at least 1951. Green by Jul 1962.Traded for GP38sRR Picture Archives
686DF-4 F3ANov 19485700Nov 1965Green by May 1957. Pilot stripes by Apr 1964.Wrecked and scrapped 1966.RR Picture Archives

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