The Great Western Railway Journal was a periodical publication dedicated to chronicling the history, operations, and cultural significance of the Great Western Railway (GWR) in the United Kingdom. Providing an authoritative and comprehensive resource, the journal offered in-depth articles, archival photographs, and scholarly insights into various aspects of the GWR’s existence.

Covering a wide range of topics, the journal delved into the development of GWR locomotives, rolling stock, infrastructure, stations, and routes. It explored the social, economic, and technological contexts that shaped the GWR’s evolution from its inception in the 19th century to its lasting impact on Britain’s railway heritage.

Additionally, the Great Western Railway Journal served as a platform for enthusiasts, historians, and preservationists to share their research, experiences, and endeavours related to the GWR. Through meticulous documentation and analysis, it contributed to the ongoing appreciation and conservation of this iconic railway legacy.

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0Bumper Preview1991CollectionMaiden Newton – A Wessex Country Junction by
Gerry Beale
– history and working of this station on the Wilts, Somerset & Weymouth line.
The 47xxs at Work by John Copsey – details of the class 47xx 2-8-0s, their shed allocations and train workings. Many detailed photographs of 4702.
Be Brief – Use Code by Peter Squibb – the use of telegraphic codes.
6-Ton Yard Crane – Photo and drawings of the 6-ton yard crane.
General Arrangement Drawing 5401 & 64xx classes – drawing No 92530 for Lot 277 covering both 54 and 64xx classes – notated dimensions differentiate between the classes as required.
1Winter1992CollectionFor SaleDenham to Uxbridge (High Street) by Stanley Jenkins – the history of the the Denham branch.
General Arrangement Drawing 4073 series Castle
Bristol Temple Meads – photographs of Bristol Temple Meads station.
Cordons, Part 1
by John Lewis – details and workings of the DD5 twin tank ‘Cordon’ and Special and Non-Standard gas tank wagons.
2Spring 1992CollectionFor SaleNo 4507 – The last of a line by Gerry Beale – the career (history, allocations and duties) of 45xx 2-6-2T No. 4507, the last locomotive in service to have been built at Wolverhampton Stafford Road. Including the ‘Engine History’ sheet.
General Arrangement Drawing 4520 series 45xx class – general arrangement drawing of the first batch of 45xx’s built at Swindon in 1909-10, Lot No 174 with short bunker and inside steam pipes.
Cordons, Part 2 by John Lewis – details and workings of the DD4 and other multi-tank tank ‘Cordon’ oil gas tank wagons.
GWR Unclimbable Fencing for Platforms – drawing of GWR unclimbable (spear) fencing.
Marsh Mills Signal Box – photograph of the interior of Marsh Mills Signal Box (Tavistock Branch) by R C Riley.
3Summer 1992CollectionFor SaleFor SaleGWR Swindon Water Crane – drawings of the straight and cranked arm water crane (Dwg No 22971) and hopper (Dwg No. 53913).
General Arrangement Drawing 6000-6019 series of the King Class – general arrangement and frame drawing for Lot 243 Nos 6000- 6019 (Dwg No 82100).
Late Summer -Special Cornish Issue1992(Collection)For SaleThe St. Ives Branch by Stanley C. Jenkins – a history of the classic Cornwall branch line at St Ives.
Cornish ‘Halls’ in the 1930s by John Copsey – a history of Hall class locomotives in 1930s Cornwall.
‘B Sets’ in Cornwall by John Lewis – a history of B sets in 1930s Cornwall.
Cornish China Clay by Gerry Beale – a history of the china clay industry as it relates to the Great Western Railway in Cornwall.
4Autumn 1992CollectionFor SaleFor SaleDorchester by Gerry Beale – operational history of Dorchester station (Dorset), with site plans, some building drawings (including architectural drawings of station buildings showing additions and alterations dated 1899) and summer 1939 service timetable.
GWR Standard Tube Fencing & Gates – details of the boiler tube fencing used around engine sheds, workshops and goods yards etc.
Fire Grates for Water Cranes – drawing of the fire grate (fire devil) used to prevent freezing of water cranes (Dwg no. 43867).
Laira – photo by R.C. Riley of no. 7823 on shed and details of Laira ‘Turn 86’ for a 78xx.
5Winter 1993CollectionFor SaleFor SaleHorse Box Traffic on Passenger Trains by John Copsey.
Hemyock – notes on the Culm Valley branch. Three early photos of Hemyock station – from the river bridge with ex-SDR 2-4-0T, from the road to the village, and into the dairy.
Early Turn at St. Ives by Paul Karau and Chris Turner – working the St Ives branch in the late 1950s.
6Spring 1993CollectionFor SaleFor SaleThe Marlborough Branch by Stanley Jenkins – history and operation of both branch lines GW and M&SWJ.
Modern GWR Fish Vans, Part 1 by John Lewis – covers in detail vans to Diags S2, S6 & S12.
7Summer 1993CollectionFor SaleFor Sale[Marsh Mills]
Paignton Station by John Copsey – a photographic study of Paignton station, Devon, with brief historical notes.
Modern GWR Fish Vans, Part 2 by John Lewis – 28ft 6in fish vans, 31ft insulated refrigerated fish vans. Includes detailed drawings and diags. S8, S9, S10, & S11.
Water Tank – drawing No 14964 of square type water tank apparently for Yeovil (Pen Mill), Wells and Salisbury but the latter crossed through on drawing.
Yeovil Pen Mill – 3 colour photographs by R.C. Riley taken at Yeovil Pen Mill in the 1950s.
8Autumn 1993CollectionFor SaleFor SaleTiverton Junction between the Wars by Chris Turner – operation and traffic at the station and on the two branches.
The Train Journal by John Copsey – details of a Passenger Train Journal for the 4.35 pm Welshpool to Aberystwyth on 27th September 1947.
57xx’s at Reading by John Copsey – the duties and shed allocations including the General Arrangement Drawings for the 57xx class.
9Winter 1994CollectionFor SaleThe Yealmpton Branch by Stanley Jenkins & Chris Turner – the history and operation of the branch.
A Signalman’s Day at Monmouth (Troy) by Fred Hunter.
The ‘Earls’ at Work by John Copsey.
Modern Minks, Part 1 by John Lewis – covers the 9′ / 17’6″ minks to Diags V21 & V33. Includes drawings in each.
10Spring 1994CollectionFor SaleFor SaleWestbury’s Top Job by Gerry Parkins – working the 8:40 to Paddington.
Uxbridge High Street – A follow-up by Chris Turner – additional information and photos to the article in issue 1.
General Arrangement Drawing for 3200 Class the ‘Earls’ – for lots 315 & 331 Drawing dated January 1940.
Chard – three colour photos by R C Riley.
Modern Minks, Part 2 by John Lewis – a detailed look at Minks to Dia V23, V24and V40.
11Summer 1994CollectionGeneral Arrangement Drawing 2884 class 2-8-0 – Drawing No 109101.
12Autumn 1994CollectionFor Sale[Newton Abbot]
Operations at Ashburton by Chris Turner – the operation and traffic on the branch.
Modern Minks, Part 3 by John Lewis – Dia V26 Partos.
13Winter 1995CollectionUxbridge Vine Street by Stanley Jenkins & Chris Turner – the history, development, traffic and operation of this branch.
Concrete Post & Wire Fencing
14Spring 1995CollectionModern Minks, Part 4 by John Lewis – Covers dia V34, V36, V37, V38 & V39.
15Summer 1995CollectionCongresbury by Mike Christensen and Chris Turner – history, development and operation of the one-time junction station on the ‘Cheddar Valley’ branch.
’78xxs’ in Traffic by John Copsey.
Arrangement Drawing 7800 Class (Manors) – the GW built locos Lot 316 Drawing No 107421.
16Autumn 1995CollectionThe Aberayron Branch by William Smith & Chris Turner – the history, development, operation and traffic of the branch.
4555 A Preservation Pioneer by Gerry Beale – the history of 45xx 2-6-2T No 4555.
General Arrangement Drawing 45xx class – the last series No 4555 – 74 Lot 226 Drawings No 72031 & 72032.
Large Minks by John Lewis – notes on Minks C & G Dias V7 & V22.
17Winter 1996CollectionPostwar Tavistock by Chris Turner – operation and traffic.
18Spring 1996CollectionFor SaleFor SalePower Signalling at Bristol Temple Meads by Peter Harris – full details and diagrams of the 1935 scheme.
’72xx’ Goods Tanks by John Copsey – the history, use, allocations and some turns of these large 2-8-2Ts.
19Summer 1996CollectionGeneral Arrangement Drawing 43xx Class – short cab Lot 183 Drawing No 42120 dated August 1910.
’43xxs’ to Barnstable by John Copsey – a detailed look at the use of these 2-6-0s on this branch.
GWR Shunting Trucks, Part 1 by John Lewis – a look at the early examples.
20Autumn 1996CollectionFor SaleGWR Dennis Dropside – four photos of Dennis lorry No 2647 at Queensbury March 1939.
Twyford – three photos by R Blenkinsop.
Marsh Mills – three colour photos by R C Riley.
21Winter 1997CollectionBrixham Branch Operation and Traffic in the 1940s by Chris Turner.
GWR Shunting Trucks, Part 2 by John Lewis.
22Spring 1997Collection48xx Auto Engines, Part 1 by John Copsey – the use, duties and allocation of these 0-4-2T locomotives during the GW era. Includes the General Arrangement drawing.
23Summer 1997CollectionChipping Norton by Chris Turner – operation and traffic from the mid-1920s.
48xx Auto Engines, Part 2 – duties and allocations of these locomotives, now renumbered to the 14xx series, during BR days. Includes a set of detailed photos.
24Autumn 1997CollectionGWR Shunting Trucks, Part 3 by John Lewis – diag M1 wagons.
‘2251’ Class Mixed Traffic 0-6-0s by John Copsey – their use, duties and allocation.
General Arrangement Drawing 2251 Class (Collett Goods) – Drawing No. 102601 Lot 283.
25Winter 1998CollectionFor SaleFor SaleMemories of Kingswear in the GWR’s Last Decade by Chris Turner – operation, workings and traffic.
26Spring 1998CollectionNewton Fitter, Part 1 by Herbert Smith – experiences of a fitter at Newton Abbot.
GWR Shunting Trucks, Part 4 by John Lewis – covers Diags. M2, M3, M4 & M5 Development and allocations.
27Summer 1998CollectionWartime Sunday Working at Devizes by Bill Crosbie-Hill.
‘Granges’ at Work, Part 1 by John Copsey – history, duties and allocations.
General Arrangement Drawing 6800 Class – drawings No. 110530, 106700 & ? Lot 308
Newton Fitter, Part 2 by Herbert Smith.
28Autumn 1998Collection[Dainton]
The Super Saloons by John Lewis – construction details, naming.
‘Granges’ at Work, Part 1 by John Copsey.
29Winter 1999CollectionNewton Fitter, Part 3 by Herbert Smith.
GWR Shunting Trucks, Part 5 by John Lewis – Post 1944 allocations.
30Spring 1999CollectionThe Cardigan Branch by Stanley Jenkins & Chris Turner – history, development operation and traffic.
Standard Cast Iron Posts for Station Name Boards – an undated Engineer’s Office drawing.
31Summer 1999(Collection)
32Autumn 1999(Collection)…
33Winter 2000Collection
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48Autumn 2003Collection
49Winter 2004Collection
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53Winter 2005Collection
54Spring 2005Collection
55Summer 2005(Collection)
56Autumn 2005Collection[Hemyock]
GWR Post & Wire Fencing – drawings of the use of Old Bridge Rails as straining sand intermediate posts.
Local Freight Working on the Radstock Line by John Copsey – operation and traffic from the turn of the century to the closure.
S & T Maintenance on the Cheddar Valley, Part 3 by Brian Hillier.
57Winter 2006(Collection)
58Spring 2006Collection
59Summer 2006CollectionCollection
60Autumn 2006Collection
61Winter 2007Collection
62Spring 2007Collection
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64Autumn 2007Collection
65Winter 2008CollectionTraffic operations on the Bodmin branch by John Copsey
66Spring 2008Collection
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68Autumn 2008Collection
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73Winter 2010Collection
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