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Correct as of 22/04/24.

1April-May2007CollectionEngine Wood by Tim Maddocks.
2June-July2007CollectionPengwynn Crossing.
3August-September2007CollectionDiesels on Combwich by Chris Nevard.
4October2007WishlistBath Green Park.
5November2007WishlistCatcott Burtle, Part 1 by Chris Nevard.
7January2008CollectionHellfire ‘Heymeks’! by Pip Dunn.
Shunter’s Delight by Evan Green-Hughes.
A Question Of Lighting by Mike Wild.
Improving The Hornby CCT by Tim Maddocks.
9March2008CollectionModelling The Real Railway by Antony New – Midford.
De-number, re-number, weather… by Paul Marshall-Potter
Making An Exhibition Of Ourselves by Chris Tooth – Treneglos.
Small Is Beautiful by Evan Green-Hughes – 45xx.
Catcott Burtle, Part 2 by Chris Nevard.
10April2008CollectionWire – What to Use by Ian Morton.
11May2008CollectionFor SaleThe ‘Austerity’ 2-8-0s – Wartime Veterans by Evan Green-Hughes.
12June2008CollectionModelling Weymouth’s Harbour Tramway by Anthony New.
13July2008CollectionBleakhouse Road by Tim Maddocks.
14August2008CollectionSummer Holidays at the Seaside by Anthony New – Kingswear.
15September2008CollectionFor Sale
16October2008CollectionParcels Trains In The BR Era by Evan Green-Hughes.
17November2008CollectionClass 14 – Workaholics by Pip Dunn.
British Railways ‘4MT’ 4-6-0 by Evan Green-Hughes.
18December2008CollectionFor SaleDrummond’s ‘Greyhounds’ by Colin Boocock.
21March2009CollectionFor SaleThe Looe Branch in ‘N’ by Ian Morton.
Branch Line Trains – Southern Region by Evan Green-Hughes – Alresford.
Basingstoke by Paul Martin – Farnham MRC.
23May2009CollectionFor SaleSaffron Street by Risborough & District Model Railway Club.
Lifting The Vale by Mike Wild.
25July2009CollectionCatcott Burtle by Chris Nevard.
28October2009CollectionBR Sulzer Type 4s by Evan Green-Hughes.
29November2009CollectionLeamington Spa by Pete Waterman.
BR Diesel Liveries 1948-1972 by Evan Green-Hughes.
Creating Holes by Phil Parker.
30December2009CollectionAn ‘N’-ticing Prospect? Stoney Lane Depot by Grahame Hedges.
The LMS ‘2P’ 4-4-0s in Service by Steve Banks.
31January2010CollectionMelcombe Magna by Mike Baker.
Walford Town by The Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society.
The BR Standard ‘3MT’ Tanks by Evan Green-Hughes.
34April2010CollectionStarting Out With Etched Kits by Phil Parker.
The English Electric Class 20’s by Evan Green-Hughes.
38August2010CollectionFor SaleFor SaleFor SaleTreneglos by Chris Tooth, Damian Ross & John Wardle.
A Beginner’s Guide To Airbrushing by James Lavery.
39September2010CollectionFor SaleFor Sale
40October2010CollectionBawdsey by Paul Marshall-Potter – Chris Matthewman.
The GWR ’28xx’ by Evan Green-Hughes.
The BR ‘Britannia’ Class ‘Pacifics’ by Mike Wild.
Sourcing Sounds by Paul Chetter.
The Romance of the Blue Pullman by Evan Green-Hughes.
42December2010Paul Chetter
43January2011(Collection)Snow Business by James Lavery.
Thompson’s Gazelles by Evan Green-Hughes – B1.
Elm Park by Geoff Endacott – Nigel Bowyer.
Paul Chetter.
45March2011Paul Chetter
46April2011Paul Chetter
47May2011Paul Chetter
50August2011(Collection)Brake Vans by Evan Green-Hughes.
The GWR’s Stately ‘Hall’ by Evan Green-Hughes.
52October2011(CollectionCollection)Weathering Before You Begin by Tim Shackleton.
The Beattie Well Tanks by Evan Green-Hughes.
Paul Chetter
53November2011(Collection)Two-Tone Airbrush Weathering by Tim Shackleton.
Sound Editing for Character by Paul Chetter.
54December2011(Collection)Dirty Bird by Tim Shackleton.
Grand Ambitions by Paul Chetter.
The Midland Railway ‘3F’ 0-6-0 by Evan Green-Hughes.
55January2012(Collection)Weathered Wagons by Tim Shackleton.
Catching The 22s by Pip Dunn & Mark Alden.
56February2012(Collection)Penhallick by Mel Rees & Jerry Winterson.
57March2012(Collection)Carriage Weathering, Part 1 – The Quick Fix Solution by Tim Shackleton.
The British Rail EM1 Electrics by Evan Green-Hughes.
58April2012(Collection)Carriage Weathering, Part 2 Tim Shackleton.
Saddling Up a Sound ‘Austerity’ by Paul Chetter.
59May2012(Collection)The Fowler ‘4F’ 0-6-0 by Evan Green-Hughes.
60June2012(Collection)Twins! Part 1 by Paul Chetter?
61July2012(Collection)(Collection)Weathering Road Vehicles by Tim Shackleton.
Twins! Part 2 by Paul Chetter.
63September2012WishlistWeathering Box Vans by Tim Shackleton.
64October2012Brighton Belle by Tim Shackleton.
Bachmann 9F by Paul Chetter.
65November2012Auto-fitted ‘Pannier’ by Tim Shackleton
The Western at Westbury by Mark Chivers
Maximum Potential by Paul Chetter
66December2012Wooden Bodied Mineral Wagons, Part 2 by Tim Shackleton
Heljan Class 47, Part 2 Paul Chetter
67January2013(Collection) 20.11.21Bachmanna’s Superb WD 2-8-0 in N Gauge by Tim Shackleton
Paul Chetter
68February2013Paul Chetter
69March2013(Collection)Weathering Utiliy Vans by Tim Shackleton
Adding Sound to the Hornby ‘L1’ 2-6-4T Paul Chetter
Ixion’s Hudsweall-Clarke 0-6-0ST by Paul Chetter
The ‘Western’ Diesel Hydraulics by Evan Green-Hughes
70April2013Hornby Thompson ‘O1’ 2-8-0 by Time Shackleton?
71May2013Southern Railway Van B by Tim Shackleton
Hornby’s West Country 4-6-2 by Paul Chetter
73July2013(Collection)Fitting Out a Mausell ‘N’ 2-6-0 by Mike Wild
Milk Trains by Evan Green-Hughes
75September2013WishlistClass 14 by Tim Shackleton
77November201310001 by Tim Shackleton
78December2013Royal Scots by Tim Shackleton
Paul Chetter
79January2014Weathering a Western by Tim Shackleton
A Fowler with Sound by Paul Chetter
80February2014L&Y 2-4-2T by Tim Shackleton
81March2014BR 8P 71000 Duke of Gloucester, Part 1 by Tim Shackleton
82April2014BR 8P 71000 Duke of Gloucester, Part 2 by Tim Shackleton
83May2014(Collection)Ballast Train by Tim Shackleton
The BRCW Class 33 by Evan Green-Hughes
Compton Consist by Paul Chetter
Titheridge Junction by Kevin Jagger (Bradford MRC)
85July2014WishlistDetailing Hornby Black 5 by Tim Shackleton
Digital Sound by Paul Chetter
86August2014(Collection)‘Covhops’, Corrosion & Chemical Attack! by Tim Shackleton
The BRCW Type 2s by Evan Green-Hughes
Lighting Up Time by Paul Chetter
87September2014WishlistTim Shackleton
Paul Chetter
88October2014Tim Shackleton
Paul Chetter
89November2014(Collection)Block Oil Trains by Tim Shackleton
90December2014Merry-go-round Coal Hoppers by Tim Shackleton
Paul Chetter
91January2015(Collection)Weathering with a Budget Airbrush by Tim Shackleton
92February2015WishlistWeathering Transition Era Diesels by Tim Shackleton
Paul Chetter
93March2015Weathering Without An Airbrush by Tim Shackleton
94April2015Weathering An A1 by Tim Shackleton
OO Hymek DCC Sound Paul Chetter
95May2015(Collection)Auto-fitted ‘Pannier’ by Tim Shackleton
The Western at Wesbury by Mark Chivers
Maximum Potential by Paul Chetter
96June2015Bachmann Class 20s by Tim Shackleton
Class 40 by Paul Chetter
97July2015WishlistBachmann Peak by Tim Shackleton
Bachmann 3MT Paul Chetter
98August2015(Collection)Summers In The South by Tim Shackleton.
DCC Power Games by Nigel Burkin.
Drummond’s ‘Black Motor’ by Evan Green-Hughes.
‘N’ Gauging Sound by Paul Chetter – Graham Farish 4F.
99September2015(Collection)Going Against The Grain… by Tim Shackleton.
Sound-Fitting a ‘Black Motor’ by Paul Chetter.
100October2015(Collection)Retford by Tim Shackleton (Roy Jackson)
Derby Day Bling by Tim Shackleton
Little & Large by Paul Chetter (AC Railbus)
101November2015Collection(Collection)(Collection)The Last ‘Atlantic’ by Tim Shackleton
Raising The Stakes by Tim Shackleton
GWR ‘Kings’ – The Finest 4-6-0? by Evan Green-Hughes
Shunter Sounds by Paul Chetter
102December2015CollectionSydney Gardens by Steve Jones
Ballasting by Nigel Burkin
Crosti Deluxe, Part 1 by Tim Shackleton
Fitting Sound in an ‘N’ Gauge ‘Spamcan’ by Paul Chetter
103January2016CollectionCrosti Deluxe, Part 2 by Tim Shackleton
Western Ambassadors for Sound by Paul Chetter
British Railways Mk1 Carriages by Evan Green-Hughes
105March2016CollectionEnhancing Industrial Tanks by Trevor Jones
A Brush With Painting by Tim Shackleton
10 Brilliant Ways To Model Engine Sheds by Tim Shackleton
Andrew Barclay Industrial Locomotives by Evan Green-Hughes
106April2016The GT3 Project, Part 1 by Tim Shackleton
107May2016CollectionMilk Trains by Mark Chivers
The GT3 Project, Part 2 – Making it go! by Tim Shackleton
Layout Wiring by Nigel Burkin
The DCC Sound State of Play by Paul Chetter
Albion Yard by Paul Marshall-Potter
Bulleid’s Radical Designs by Evan Green-Hughes
110August2016CollectionThe Adams ‘Radial’ by Evan Green-Hughes
112October2016CollectionThree’s A Crowd by Tim Shackleton
The Hunslet ‘Austerity’ 0-6-0ST by Evan Green-Hughes
Fresh Thinking by Paul Chetter
114December2016CollectionRinging The Changes by Tim Shackleton
Digital Diesel for ‘N’ by Paul Chetter
115January2017CollectionHow To ‘Brush’ Away The Cobwebs by Tim Shackleton
Peckett’s ‘W4’ bu Evan Green-Hughes
The Stanier Tank by Paul Chetter
Class 08 Diesel Shunters by Evan Green-Hughes
116February2017CollectionTop 20 Rolling Stock Detailing by Mike Wild
Bulleid’s Mixed Traffic “Merchant Navy’ by Evan Green-Hughes
Dapol’s Illuminating Class 08 by Paul Chetter
117March2017CollectionSpoilt For Choice by Tim Shackleton
Air Compressors by Tim Shackleton
GWR ‘1366’ 0-6-0PT by Evan Green-Hughes
How To.. Fit a Peckett of Two by Paul Chetter
118April2017Tim Shackleton
Paul Chetter
119May2017Tim Shackleton
120June2017CollectionSpring Greens – Weathering Garden Railway Locomotives by Tim Shackleton
The BR Sulzer Class 45 by Evan Green-Hughes
Compact ‘Clayton’ by Paul Chetter
121July2017CollectionFarewell To The ‘Bubbles’ by Evan Green-Hughes
A Depot Diorama by Tim Shackleton
Paul Chetter
122August2017CollectionWaterloo Sunset by Tim Shackleton.
‘Dean Goods’ by Evan Green-Hughes.
Making The Most of ‘O’ Gauge Sound by Paul Chetter.
123September2017CollectionNew Life For Old by Tim Shackleton.
Airbrush Accessories by Tim Shackleton.
Fitting Sound to a Hornby ‘Hoover’ by Paul Chetter.
50 Years of the Class 50 by Evan Green-Hughes.
124October2017Collection20 Top Tips Digital Locomotive Control by Paul Chetter.
125November2017Collection10 Quick Ways To Freshen Up Your Freight Stock by Tim Shackleton.
Custom Sound For The ‘Janus’ by Paul Chetter.
126December2017CollectionStatic Grasses by Mike Wild.
Auto-Train Options by Tim Shackleton.
Brick Colouring by Nigel Burkin.
127January2018CollectionUpdating The Warwell by Tim Shackleton.
The GWR Railcars by Even Green-Hughes.
128February2018Paul Chetter
130April2018CollectionEnhancing Industrial Tanks by Trevor Jones.
A Brush With Painting by Tim Shackleton.
10 Brilliant Ways To Model Engine Sheds by Tim Shackleton.
Andrew Barclay Industrial Locomotives by Evan Green-Hughes.
131May2018CollectionElectro Diesel by Tim Shackleton.
GWR ’57XX’ ‘Pannier’ by Evan Green-Hughes.
Ketton Cement by Martin Stewart.
132June2018CollectionUpdating The Warwell by Tim Shackleton
The GWR Railcars by Even Green-Hughes
133July2018CollectionVale Of Oxbury by Carl Woodwards.
Braking The Mould by Tim Shackleton.
Big Beat & Team Viewer by Steve Hales.
134August2018CollectionParcels Trains by Tim Shackleton.
LSWR ‘B4’ 0-4-0Ts by Evan Green-Hughes.
Sound And Stay Alive For DJModels’ ‘J94’ by Jeremy Fairlie-Smith.
135September2018Collection25 Point Guide to Building Etched Kits by Tim Shackleton.
BR’s Brilliant ‘Britannias’ by Evan Green-Hughes.
136October2018Hydraulic Heaven.
137November2018CollectionDonkeys Among The Thoroughbreds by Tim Shackleton.
Simple Soldered Turnouts by Nigel Burkin.
GWR ’61XX’ 2-6-2Ts by Evan Green-Hughes.
138December2018CollectionHeavy Weathering For Heavy Haulers by Tim Shackleton.
Derby’s Class 25/3 by Evan Green-Hughes.
China Clay Trains by Evan Green-Hughes.
143May2019PARTBasket Cases by Tim Shackleton.
The North British D600 ‘Warships’ by Evan Green-Hughes.
144June2019CollectionBarmouth Junction, Part 1 by Geoff Taylor.
Silk Purses, Sow’s Ears, Part 2 by Tim Shackleton.
The Cambrian Coast Line by Evan Green-Hughes.
145July2019Collection66 On a Budget by Tim Shackleton.
Barmouth Junction, Part 2 Control & Operation by Geoff Taylor.
148October2019CollectionGrindley Brook by Hillingdon Railway Modellers.
Autumn Scene, Part 2 by Anthony Reeves.
Sunday Afternoon at Tyne Dock by Tim Shackleton.
Extreme Clean by Tim Shackleton.
BR’s Standard ‘9F’ by Evan Green-Hughes.
150December2019CollectionChilcompton Tunnel by Steve Jones.
Autumn Finale, Part 4 by Anthony Reeves.
GWR ’14XX’ 0-4-2T by Evan Green-Hughes.
Sound For The 48DS by Paul Chetter.
The Legendary Somerset & Dorset Railway by Evan Green-Hughes.
152February2020CollectionSquaring the Circle by Tim Shackleton.
Cornwallis Yard by David and Alison Barker.
159September2020?The Changing Face of the 59 by Tm Shackleton.
listic Embankments by Anthony Reeves.
Split Box Class 37/0s The Early Years by Evan Green-Hughes.
169July2021CollectionSteel Yourself by Tim Shackleton.
170August2021CollectionPaint It Black by Tim Shackleton.
Lightweight Baseboards by Malcolm Briggs.
171September2021CollectionStandard History by Evan Green-Hughes.
Weathering Standards by Tim Shackleton.
172October2021CollectionOn Great Eastern Lines… Passenger by Tim Shackleton.
BRs First Sulzer Type 2s by Evan Green-Hughes.
186December2022CollectionOld Oak Common by Malcolm Bentley.
Return to Tyne Dock by Tim Shackleton – high-fidelity weathering treatment that squares with the level on a matched pair of Sulxer Type 2s.
Digital Revolution by Stephen Grant.
188February2023Collection20/20 Vision, Part 1 by Tim Shackleton – brushes up on the basics of weathering with a pair of Bachmann Class 20s.
201March2024CollectionLess is More by Tim Shackleton – a scaled-down approach to giving ‘N’ gauge models a life-like finish.
Skills GuideCollection
Weathering Volume 1Collection
Weathering Volume 2Collection

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Wishlist Wanted
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