• Gepäckwagen (English: Luggage Carriage)
  • Liegewagen (English: Couchette)
  • Postwagen (English: Mail Carriage)
  • Reisezugwagen (English: Passenger Carriage)
  • Schlafwagen (English: Sleeping Carriage)
  • Sitzwagen – doppelstöckig (English: Seated Carriage – double deck)
  • Sitzwagen – einstöckig (English: Seated Carriage – single deck)
  • Sonderwagen (English: Special Carriage)
  • Speisewagen (English: Dining Carriage)
  • Zugbildung (English: Train Formations)


Although the refurbishment of old carriages and the procurement of new vehicles eased the situation in the area of passenger carriages, the new buildings were not sufficient to replace the old vehicles and the refurbished old carriages – especially the state railway carriages – no longer met the requirements of the time. That’s why the Deutsche Reichsbahn launched a large-scale reconstruction program in the second half of the 1950s. Old cars should be brought up to a new technical standard and structural and technical differences should be tightened to reduce the amount of work required for revisions and the number of spare parts. This should save resources and working time.



Arnold – HN4166, HN4166-1, HN4166-2
Arnold – HN4200

HN4133 6 parts. Set: Post, 4x 3-axle, 1x 2-axle. III – sold out
HN4136 2-part. Set, load capacities, 1x 3-axle, 1x 2-axle. III
HN4137 2 parts. Set: Post, 1x load capacity 3 axle. IV
HN4163 6 parts. Set: Luggage, 4x 3-axle, 1x 2-axle III
HN4164 2-piece. Set, load capacities, 1x 3-axle, 1x 2-axle. III
HN4165 6 parts. Set: Post, 4x 3-axle, 1x 2-axle. IV
HN4166 2 parts. Set: load capacities, 1x 3-axle, 1x 2-axle. IV
HN4167 3 parts. Set propane gas: luggage, 1x 3-axle, 1x 2-axle. IV

  • Bahw 522
  • BDghws 534
  • BDwsb 270

Arnold / BRAWA / Minitrix / TT-Club


  • 24-26 292-3 – Baai 2nd class passenger coach DR Ep.IV – Fleischmann 6260001
  • 24-26 294-9 – Baai 2nd class passenger coach DR Ep.IV – Fleischmann 6260002
  • 93-26 043-6 – Daai Goods wagon baggage wagon DR Ep.IV – Fleischmann 6260003

More Information

  • Estler, Thomas. Reisezugwagen der DDR: Seit 1949. Transpress, 2020.