Neil Schofield was fascinated by railroad operations along the Connecticut River in Vermont, known as the Conn River Line since his early teens. The combination of three railroads including the Boston & Maine, CP Rail, and Central Vermont sharing the same trackage provided colourful variety, particularly in the 1970s into the 1980s. Neil’s earliest attempts to recreate these operations in model form were when he occasionally took over his father’s steam-era HO layout with original Athearn GP-9s painted in both B&M and CV.

Well, fast forward 30 years and two layouts later, he finally had an opportunity to recreate those teenage memories on a layout of his own. His interest in the Conn River Line remained, but he narrowed those operations down to the CP Rail’s Newport and Lyndonville Subdivision in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. While this eliminated CVs through train operations and shared trackage that runs south of White River Junction, it still allowed him to include B&M run-through power and also the possibility of CV operations on the Richford Branch, which interchanged with CP Rail at Richford, VT.


  • Newport Subdivision
  • Barnet, VT
  • Newport Center
  • Bradford, VT
  • Nickerson Family Farm
  • North Troy, VT bridge over the Missisquoi River

Double-ended staging yard that represents Farnham on the north end and St. Johnsbury and points south on the south end


  • CP Rail 904 (Newport Subdivision) Southbound
  • CP Rail 81 (Newport Subdivision)
  • WJ-1 Boston & Maine Local
  • B&M 904 Southbound
  • 917 CP Rail
  • B&M Northbound Train
  • B&M EDWH


About 35 locomotives in use.

NumberRoadColourPrototypeModelSeenN Scale
AMTK280AmtakEMD F40PHRapido
BM800Blue DipEMD SW8Proto 2000
BM1566Blue DipEMD GP7Proto 2000Boston & Maine Local WJ-1 working Bradford, VT, 1981
BM1716Blue DipGenesis
BM1717Blue DipCP Rail’s Newport Yard Operations
BM1723Blue DipCP Rail’s Newport Yard Operations
BM1738Blue Dip
BM1750Blue DipCP Rail’s Newport Yard Operations
C&O3574EMD GP-35WalthersProtoAtlas
CP1802Red Multi-Mark
CP4069CP RailRed Multi-MarkEMD FP7ARapido
CP4221CP RailRed Multi-MarkMLW C424
CP4233CP RailRed Multi-MarkEMD FP7ARapido
CP4575Red Multi-MarkBowser
CP5001CP RailRed Multi-Mark
CP5012Red Multi-Mark
CP8400Red Multi-MarkAtlas
CP8401Red Multi-MarkAtlas
CP8402Red Multi-MarkALCO RS2
CP8770Red Multi-Mark
CP8772Red Multi-Mark
CP8778CP RailRed Multi-MarkALCO RS18Rapido
CP8782Red Multi-Mark
CV1511Central VermontEMD SW1200Rapido
D&H4075Delaware & HudsonBlue DipALCO RS3Bowser
MEC260Maine CentralEMD GP-38

Freight Cars

400 plus cars that go on and off the layout

NumberRoad/CompanyColourPrototypeModelSeenN Scale
B&O603715Chessie System
BAR6655Bangor & Aroostook50ft Box Car PS 4958Chasing CP Rail Trains 904 and 81 on the Newport Subdivision
CP55298CPRailRed Multi-Mark40ft Box Car
CP55467CPRailRed Multi-Mark40ft Box Car Chasing CP Rail Trains 904 and 81 on the Newport Subdivision
CP56897Box Car RedBoxcarYarmouth Model Works
CP124078CPRailRed Multi-MarkBoxcar, 40 Foot, AAR 1944InterMountainInterMountain
CP124079CPRailRed Multi-MarkBoxcar, 40 Foot, AAR 1944InterMountain
CP124087CPRailRed Multi-Mark40ft Box Car
CP141697Canadian Pacific RailwayBox Car Red SteppedBoxcar, 40 Foot, AAR 1944InterMountain 65821-03
CP377208CPRailGondola, 65-footExactrailExactrail
CP377272CPRailGondola, 65 FootExactrailExactrail
CP402895Jordan SpreaderOverland
CR166754ConrailBoxcar, 50 Foot, ACF Precision DesignAtlas
CR269325ConrailConrail Large LogoBoxcar, 50 Foot, Evans X72Rapido 139006-4Atlas / Eastern Seaboard Models
CR361304ConrailPC GreenBoxcar, PRR X58TangentEastern Seaboard Models
CR886169ConrailEx PC, Ex NYC.
CR887796(former Lehigh Valley)Covered Hopper, 3-Bay, PS-2-CD 4427Boston & Maine Local WJ-1 working Bradford, VT, 1981ExactRail
CR890004Conrail(former Penn Central)Covered Hopper, 3-Bay, PS-2Boston & Maine Local WJ-1 working Bradford, VT,
D&H35799Delaware & HudsonCabooseAtlas
D&TS5554Detroit & Toledo Shore LineBlue
DTI10307Detroit Toledo & IrontonLight GreyCovered Hopper, 3-Bay, ACF 4600Athearn
GM&O54224Gulf, Mobile & OhioBoxcar Red
GTW138159Grand TrunkBlueCovered Hopper, 3-Bay, ACF 4600AthearnAthearn
LV65117Lehigh ValleyBoxcar, USRE rebuild
LV65467Lehigh ValleyBoxcar, USRE rebuild
MEC8217Maine CentralGreenBoxcar
MEC9268Maine CentralGondola, 65-footBranchline
MEC9858Maine CentralGreen
MEC31570Maine CentralYellow
MEC31734Maine CentralYellow
MILW100189Milwaukee RoadCovered Hopper, 3-Bay, Thrall 4750Boston & Maine Local WJ-1 working Bradford, VT, 1981InterMountain
MRMcCloud RiverBoxcar, 50 Foot, FMC, 5077
SOO18524Soo LineWhiteBoxcar, 50 Foot, Steel, Plug DoorFox Valley Models 30031Fox Valley Models
SOO74043Soo LineCovered Hopper, 3-Bay, ACF 4600Boston & Maine Local WJ-1 working Bradford, VT, 1981Athearn 6995
TTPXTrailer Train
UP165788Union Pacific
UTLX47902Rapido 535001 ★