Midford Station, nestled amid Somerset & Dorset’s scenic railway, embodies the golden era of train travel. It’s the gateway from Bath Green Park, where the line shifts from single to double track, spanning 32 historic miles to Templecombe.

Unlike other stations, Midford exudes a unique charm with its wooden structures blending into the hillside. It’s not just railway infrastructure; it was a magnet for enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

For me, Midford is more than a station—it’s a treasure trove of childhood memories exploring the abandoned viaducts and forgotten lines. That nostalgia, coupled with my fascination for S&D’s inner workings, has sparked an ambitious project.

Join me as we bring history to life, crafting a railway amidst breathtaking landscapes. Midford might just transcend from a plan to reality. Time will tell, but the journey promises pure excitement.