Late winter in the state of Maine during the early 1980s.

March 1985 part of the Guilford family with power from sister roads, Delaware & Hudson, Boston & Maine and the Maine Central freely mixed with AGR’s own power. Since 2020 backdated to 1984.

Oxford County


Northern Division Mainline

  • North Staging (Allagash/Jackman)
  • Madrid Yard (Division Point)

Kennebec Subdivision

  • Bear Hil
  • New Portland Junction – Junction for New Portland Branch for St. Regis Pulp Mill
  • Atlantic Junction
  • New Sharon – passing siding, a common location for meets. Sandy River Farm & Building Supply, Franklin County Feeds (the largest customer)
  • South Staging (Kennebec Junction / MEC)

Androscoggin Subdivision

  • Sandy River Bridge
  • Sandy River Junction (for White Mountain Branch)
  • Weld – Osgood Grain
  • Knox Farm
  • Spruce
  • Carthage, ME – A lonely outpost with an “International Paper” wood yard for pulpwood and a team track for lumber transload. Top of the northbound grade, heavy helper district in the days of steam. A long passing track starts here and runs to Holman Summit. The old station is used by the maintenance of way crews.
  • Holman Summit
  • East Dixfield Paper Mill
  • Low-Level Staging (Dixfield/Bethel/CN)

White Mountain Branch (Oxford County)

  • White Mountain Junction
  • Andover
  • East Andover
  • North Rumford (Power plant and Rumford Point)

New Portland Branch

  • St. Regis Pulp Mill

Martin Spur


  • CPIP – Canadian Pacific-International Paper. Jackman (North end staging)
  • BM2 – Bethel-Madrid (28 cars?)
  • MK1
  • AGWA (Allagash-Waterville)
  • V1
  • JABE –
  • MA3 – East Dixfield Turn
  • MA4 – Carthage Turn
  • MABE (Madrid-Bethel)
  • MAME (Madrid-Mechanicville) “The Paper Train” – Box cars of finished paper from online paper mills at the Allagash, Dixfield and Bearning Mills for the Delaware & Hudson at Mechanicville and to Conrail at Rotterdam Junction
  • N1 New Sharon Switcher
  • P1 New Portland Switcher
  • Extra “The Lumberjack” – a dedciated train of pulpwood and woodchips for the big Internatonal Papermill at Dixfield. Loaded at the chip mill at Dead River siding.
  • Coal Extra – Originates on Conrail in Western Pennsylvania to Central Maine Power Station at Bethel (16 Hoppers)


AGR203Allagash Green
AGRAllagash Yellow
AGR200M420Allagash Bicentennial
AGR202GP38Allagash Yellow later… Spruce Green body, including fuel tank and trucks, larger Allagash lettering, modern Allagash logo, black numbers on white number boards and all-yellow handrails and stanchions.
AGR204GP38Spruce Green body, including fuel tank and trucks, larger Allagash lettering, modern Allagash logo, black numbers on white number boards and all-yellow handrails and stanchions.
AGR206M420Allagash Yellow. The first units were delivered in the Dulux Gold/Spruce Green paint scheme, with green on the roof and top of the nose.
AGR208C420Allagash Yellow
AGR209GP38Allagash Green
AGR210GP38Allagash Green
AGR212GP38Allagash Green
AGR213Allagash Yellow
AGR214Allagash Yellow
AGR215Allagash Yellow
AGR220Allagash Yellow
AGR241Allagash Green
AGR250ALCO C-425Allagash Yellow
AGR251ALCO C-425Allagash Yellow
AGR302Allagash Yellow
AGR303RS3Allagash Green
AGR405EMD F3Allagash Green
AGR425C-425The only Guilford Grey. Formerly Penn Central 2418
AGR430Allagash Yellow
AGR500GP7Allagash Green
AGR502GP7Allagash Green
AGR506GP7Allagash Green
AGR507GP7uAllagash Green
AGR508GP7uAllagash Solid Green with a yellow nose
AGR509GP9Allagash Green
AGR510GP9Allagash Green
AGR512GP9Allagash Yellow
AGR513GP9Allagash Green
AGR602F7Athearn Genesis, sold in April 2020
AGR700RS32Allagash Green
AGR701RS32Allagash Green
AGR702ALCO RS36Allagash Green
AGR2059C430Former Conrail, former Penn Central
AGR7605RS11Former Conrail
BM211EMD GP38Boston & Maine Blue
BM1118EMD SW1Boston & Maine Blue
DH409ALCO C-420Leigh Valley Red
DH420ALCO C-420Atlas model, Guilford Grey
DH7401Delaware & Hudson Blue
DH7413Delaware & Hudson Blue
MEC226GE U25BMaine Central Harvest Gold, since February 2012, Guilford Grey.
MEC262EMD GP38MEC Harvest Gold
MEC290Maine Central Ex D&H Grey
MEC293GE U23BGuilford Grey
MEC402GE U18BMaine Central Harvest Gold
MEC404GE U18BMaine Central Harvest Gold
MEC406GE U18BGuilford Grey
MEC407GE U18BMaine Central Harvest Gold
MEC408GE U18BGuilford Grey
MEC572EMD GP7Maine Central Maroon
MEC577EMD GP7Maine Central Harvest Gold
OCTY108ALCO S6 Oxford County, former AGR 108
OCTY109ALCO S6 Oxford County, former AGR 109
OCTY110ALCO S6 Oxford County, former AGR 110
OCTY301ALSO RS3Oxford County, former AGR 301
OCTY302Oxford County
OCTY305ALSO RS3Oxford County, former AGR 305
OCTY307ALCO RS3Oxford County, former BN/SP&S
OCTY703ALCO RS11Oxford County, former AGR 703, PC 7605

Freight Cars

NumberRoad/CompanyColourPrototypeHO ScaleN Scale
ACFX46230EngelhardWhiteACF 4650 Cubic Foot 3-Bay Covered HopperIntermountainIntermountain 67062-01 [T]
ACFX46590Continental Grain CompanyGreysAccurail
ACFX47746CargillGreenIntermountain 10-71-20 [Trovestar]
ACL1503_Atlantic Coast LineAnother Cushioned Load AthearnAthearn
ACL88905Atlantic Coast LineGreyGATC 2600 Airslide Covered HopperAthearnAthearn
AGR20AllagashYellowStandard NE6 Caboose
AGR24AllagashRedWide-Vision Caboose
AGR40AllagashYellowWide-Vision Caboose
AGR56AllagashYellowBay Window Caboose
AGR1033AllagashWoodchip Hopper
AGR1500AllagashBlack100T 3-Bay Hopper
AGR1503AllagashBlack100T 3-Bay Hopper
AGR1510AllagashBlack100T 3-Bay Hopper
AGR1522AllagashBlack100T 3-Bay Hopper
AGR1523AllagashBlack100T 3-Bay Hopper
AGR2105AllagashWoodchip Hopper
AGR2118AllagashWoodchip Hopper
AGR2125AllagashBox Car RedWoodchip Hopper
AGR2144AllagashWoodchip Hopper
AGR2180AllagashWoodchip Hopper
AGR2201AllagashYellowPulpwood. Only model in yellow, now sold in September 2021 via eBay.
AGR2202AllagashBlackWoodchip Hopper
AGR2207AllagashBlackWoodchip Hopper
AGR2211AllagashBlackWoodchip Hopper
AGR2301AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2312AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2341AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2343AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2344AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2352AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2358AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2360AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2363AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2369AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2372AllagashBox Car RedPulpwood
AGR2411AllagashBlackWoodchip Hopper
AGR2420AllagashBox Car RedWoodchip Hopper
AGR2456AllagashBox Car RedWoodchip Hopper
AGR2489AllagashBox Car RedWoodchip Hopper
AGR2589AllagashGreen40′ Box Car
AGR2724AllagashGreen40′ Box Car
AGR3021AllagashBox Car Red
AGR3024AllagashBox Car Red50′ Box Car
AGR3044AllagashBox Car Red
AGR3401AllagashGreenPS-1 Box Car
AGR3442AllagashGreenPS-1 Box Car
AGR3444AllagashGreenPS-1 Box Car
AGR4145AllagashYellowCushion Service
AGR4223AllagashYellowCushion Service
AGR4281AllagashYellowCushion Service
AGR4412AllagashYellowCushion Service
AGR4434AllagashYellowCushion Service
AGR4478AllagashYellowCushion Service
AGR4612AllagashGuilford WhiteBox CarModified Intermountain
AGR5414AllagashRed?ACF Covered HopperIntermountain
AMCX6549AmocoGreyACF 5701 Cu Ft Centerflow Plastics 4-Bay Covered HopperAtlas Master N 50001464
BAR10172Bangor & AroostookBlue, White, Red 50′ Single-Door Boxcar Atlas Trainman 751-50001593Atlas 50 001 593
BCIT871203?British Columbia RailwayGreen72′ Centerbeam FlatcarWalthers 932-4118
BM54**Boston & MaineBlueEvans 4780 Covered HopperExactRailMicro-Trains
BM7056Boston & MaineBlackAAR 70-Ton Offset-Side 3-Bay HopperAccurail
BM70003Boston & MaineBlueACFI. 5900 Series 50′ Welded-Side Double Door Steel Boxcars… or Boxcar, 50 Foot, X41?AccurailMicrotrains?
BM78169Boston & MaineBlueSieco 50′ Box CarAthearn GenisisAthearn 10541
BM80000Boston & MaineBlueFMC 50′ Box CarAthearn
BM80017Boston & MaineBlueFMC 50′ Box CarAthearn
BN219***Burlington NorthernGreenEvans-USRE 5277 Box CarExactRailExactRail
C&O2187Chesapeake & OhioWhitePS2 Three Bay Covered HopperAthearnAthearn 11359 [T]
CCR6431Corinth & CounceBlueFMC 50′ Box CarAthearn 92525Fox Valley
CNW172458Chicago North WesternGreenCovered Hopper, 3-Bay, ACF 4650AccurailIntermountain [Trovestar Search]
CNW753811Chicago North WesternGreen
CP81216Canadian PacificGreen ScriptNSC Newsprint Box CarMicro-Trains?
CP124082CP RailRed Multimark50′
CP200070CP RailRed Multimark5300 Series 50′ Combination Door Accurail?Micro-Trains?
CP269546Canadian Pacific40′ PS1
CP380559Canadian PacificBlackSlab Side Hopper CarTrueLine Trains 300333
CP381111CP RailBlackSlab Side Hopper CarTrueLine Trains?
CPCX7059Chevron Phillips ChemicalGreyACF 5701 Covered HopperAtlasAtlas 50 002 463 [Trovestar]
CPI85010CP RailGreen MultimarkNSC Newsprint 50′ Box Car Life-Like Proto 1000True Line Trains
CPI85154CP RailGreen MultimarkNSC Newsprint 50′ Box Car Life-Like Proto 1000True Line Trains
CPI85250CP RailGreen MultimarkNSC Newsprint 50′ Box Car Life-Like Proto 1000True Line Trains
CPI85490CP RailGreen MultimarkNSC Newsprint 50′ Box Car Life-Like Proto 1000True Line Trains
CPI86190CP RailGreen MultimarkNSC Newsprint 50′ Box Car Life-Like Proto 1000True Line Trains
CN378235Canadian NationalWhiteNSC 59′ Cylindrical HopperWalthers 910-7176
CR208262ConrailBox Car Red60′?
CR266873ConrailBox Car Red50′ 5077 Evans Smooth Side Boxcars
CR437268ConrailBox Car Red70-Ton 12-Panel 3-Bay HopperBowser 6-41246
CR471333ConrailBox Car Red100 Ton 45 Foot Triple HopperMicro-Trains
CR471336ConrailBox Car Red100 Ton 45 Foot Triple HopperBowserMicro-Trains
CR483499ConrailBox Car Red100 Ton 45 Foot Triple Hopper
CR490917ConrailBox Car Red100 Ton 45 Foot Triple Hopper
CR876261ConrailWhitePS 260 2-Bay Covered HopperAthearn 95525Athearn
CR885217ConrailACF cylindrical covered hopperAtlasBowser
DH27203Delaware & HudsonYellowBranchline
DH29161Delaware & HudsonYellow50′ PS-1 Roofwalk removed, ladder cut downKadee
DH35797Delaware & HudsonExtended Vision Cupola CabooseAtlas 150-19263Atlas 30268
DHNY50000Delaware & HudsonBlue & White50 Foot, PS-1 Box CarKadee 6339Athearn
DUPX37234DupontOrangeACF 5701 4-Bay HopperAtlas 20 000 001Atlas 50 000 012
EL21393Erie LackawannaWhiteACF 2790 2-Bay Covered HopperAthearn 93912Atlas 3902
EL33828Erie LackawannaBlack70-Ton Hopper CarBluford Shops
EL33858Erie LackawannaBlack70-Ton Hopper CarBowserBluford Shops
EL70550Erie LackawannaAAR 1944 Box CarInterMountain
ELTX116Soltex PolymerWhiteACF 5701 Covered Hopper, 4-Bay, ACF CenterflowAtlas 20000009Atlas 50000020
ELTX14_Soltex PolymerWhiteACF 5701 Covered Hopper, 4-Bay, ACF Centerflow
FGEX798219Fruit Growers ExpressYellow50′ FGE Insulated BoxcarWalther’s 910-2004
FLIX612COOPGreyPullman-Standard PS-2CD 4750 Covered HopperTangent 11247-01
GATX27494Black20,700 Gallon Non-Insulated Type 20 Saddles Tank CarAtlas 20 000 270Atlas 50 000 475 [Trovestar]
GATX293765Tank Car
GTW113926Grand Trunk WesternWhiteCovered Hopper, 3-Bay, PS-2 2893AthearnAthearn 11442
GTW315222Grand Trunk WesternBlueP-S Covered HopperTangent Scale Models
ICG562864Illinois Central Gulf50′ Boxcar w/8′ Superior DoorAccurail 5551Micro-Trains
LEF1153Lake Erie, Franklin & ClarionYellowEvans-USRE 5277 BoxcarExactRailExactRail
MEC2481GreyPS2 Covered HopperAtlas
MEC32127FMC 5347Athearn 24205 [Trovestar]
MILW100501Milwaukee Road – America’s Resourceful RailroadYellowCovered Hopper, 3-Bay, PS-2Intermountain 672249-02 [Trovestar]
NAHX93877North American Car Corp. PD3000
NAHX94105GreyCovered Hopper, 3-Bay, NACC PD 3000Spring Mills Depot 13110-07Trainworx
MNJ120679Middletown & New JerseyBlue50′ Berwick BoxcarAthearn
MP250354Missouri Pacific LinesBrown50′ Gunderson 5200ExactRail EN-50811-1
NW44025Norfolk and WesternBlack40′ PS-1 Box CarKadee
NW693516Norfolk and Western50′ General American RBL Box CarMolocoAtlas
NSL100044St. Lawrence and Raquette RiverBlue50′ Berwick box carBranchline[Trovestar]
MTW4136Marinette Tomahawk & WesternGreenFMC 5347 BoxcarAthearn 11185 / 11214 [Trovestar / Trovestar]
PC473972Penn CentralBlack100-ton coal hopperBowser
PC479452Penn Central100-ton coal hopperBowser
PC837840Penn CentralFlexi-FloRapido
PTLX33013CargillGreenPullman-Standard PS-2CD 4750 Covered HopperExact-Rail
PTLX120284General Electric Railcar ServicesBlack50′ RTC 20900 Gal GS Tank CarAthearn 40-73911Athearn
PROX74128PROCORBlack23,000 Gallon Funnel-Flow Tank CarWalthers 932-7264
PRR223380PennsylvaniaBlack3-Bay HoppperBowser 6-40660
RBOX34639Boxcar, 50 Foot, FMC, 5347AthearnAthearn
RDG__427ReadingBlack3-Bay Hopper
SOO18452Soo LineWhiteSoo Line-Built 7-Post Boxcar w/Diagonal-Panel Roof BoxcarFox Valley Models 30005Fox Valley Models
SOU140914SouthernBrownFlat Car
SOU140915SouthernBrownFlat Car
SPFE452811Southern Pacific Pacific Fruit Express reefer Reefer, 57 Foot, Mechanical, PC&F R-70-20IntermountainAthearn
TLDX578?CargillYellowPullman-Standard PS-2CD 4427 Covered HopperExact-Rail
TLDX7529CargillYellowCovered Hopper, 3-Bay, PS-2-CD 4427Proto 2000Athearn
TP781199Missouri PacificBrown3-Bay Hopper
TSBY4949Tuscola & Saginaw Bay3-Bay ACF4650 Center Flow HopperAtlas
98042Southern3-Bay ACF Centerflow 3560
UP273182Union Pacific72′ Centerbeam Flat CarWalthers 932-4123
UTLX14855White23,000 Gallon Funnel Flow Tank CarWalthers 932-7263
UTLX2549516,000 Gallon Funnel Flow Tank Car3-Bay Hopper
VCY142022Golden West ServiceBlue60′ FMC Boxcar
V&O38671V&O Appalachian LinesBluePS 5344 Cu.ft. Single-Door Box CarFox Valley 81253
WM602436Chessie SystemYellowACF 4650 Covered 3-Bay Centerflow HopperIntermountain 67006-08
WM602444Chessie SystemYellowACF 4650 Covered 3-Bay Centerflow HopperIntermountain 67006-15

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