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21January1990WishlistBrandbright W&L Brake Van Kit – Assembly by Don Mason
71April1991WishlistA Coach For The Garden by Don Mason
92October 1991Wishlist0-4-0ST Sybil In 7mm Scale by Alex Duckworth
162July1993WishlistAdit 2 by David Barham
17 October1993  
27 July  Uncouplers For Kadee Couplers by David Barham
284October1996 Strange Goings on at the Gasworks by Charles Summers
324October1997WishlistRuston LAT & LBT Series
33 January1998  
34 April1998  
35 July1998  
365October1998CollectionA Tale of Two Brake Vans by David Newham
385April1999WishlistA Light Railway in War-Time
IOMR Narrow Gauge In 2mm Scale
by Mark Fielder
395July1999WishlistWDLR Rolling Stock, Part 1 by Peter Foley
Modelling War Department Light Railways, Part 1 – Wagons by Malcolm Wright
ALCO 2-6-2T – 1:32 Scale by David Pomeroy
40 October1999  
41 January2000  
42 April2000Wishlist
43 July2000  
44 October2000 The Works by David Barham
45 January2001  
46 April2001  
47 July2001  
48 October2001 Four Wheels On My Loco by David Barham
49 January2002 
507April2002WishlistEtched Excellence by Alex Duckworth
51July 2002WishlistWDLR Simplex In 7mm Scale by Alex Duckworth
52 October2002Something Different – 16mm Scale by David Barham
53 January2003
54 April2003
55 July2003Wishlist
56 October2003Baguley Petrol Tractor by David Barham
57 January2004WishlistHalfway To Heaven by Tim Shackleton
588April2004CollectionThe Lister Rail Auto by Jeremy Tilston
Arne Wharf by Chris Nevard
Creating Dioramas…, Part 1 by Paul Jarman
Putting the ‘Simplex’ into Simplex 2 by Paul Bernsten
608October2004CollectionFor SaleThe Feldbahn Theatre by Pete Mesheau
Planet Portfolio
638July2005WishlistFen End Pit by David Barham
709April2007WishlistFen End Pit Goes Digital by David Barham
719July2007CollectionCounty Gate, Part 1 – An Introduction by John & Jenny de Frayssinet
WW1 Field Gun Transporter In 4mm by Alex Duckworth
729October2007CollectionTerra Cotta by Otto Schouwstra
Slater’s Hunslet by Steve Holland
Building a K1 Garratt in O14 by John Clutterbuck
7310January2008CollectionCharmouth Retrospective by David Taylor
County Gate, Part 2 – The Foundations by John & Jenny de Frayssinet
Baldwin Gas Mechanicals by Paul Bernsten
Modelling Rhiw Goch Signal Box by Ian Rudd
7510July2008WishlistCounty Gate, Part 3 by John & Jenny de Frayssinet
7610October2008CollectionFor SaleThe Charmouth Baldwins by David Taylor
WDLR 4-6-0T – Baldwin Type 10-12-D
7710January2009CollectionAlex Jackson Couplings by Gordon Gravett
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 1 – Side Tippers by Roy C. Link
7810April2009CollectionCharmouth Retrospective – Locomotives & Rolling Stock by David Taylor
7910July2009CollectionCreating Grass the Electrostatic Way by Otto Schuwstra
8010October2009CollectionWorking with Wood by James Coldicott
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 2 – Planning & Basic Construction by Roy C. Link
8111January2010CollectionBridport Town by David Taylor
16mm Simplex – New Motive Power For Fen End Pit by David Barham [Resin Casting]
Choosing A Livery by Tim Shackleton
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 3 – Rail & Fishplates by Roy C. Link
8211April2010CollectionThe Slate Tip by Mike Cowley
Corpet Louvets Nomadic Mallet by Gordon Gravett
Minffordd Weigh House by Francis Gomme
Lister RM3 by Colin Peake
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 4 – Track & Turnouts by Roy C. Link
8311July2010CollectionRust by James Coldicott [Salt Weathering]
Small Mechanism Design by Otto Schuwstra
Boys Toys For Scratchbuilders by Dennis Harrison [GW Rivet Press]
Taking Measurements From Photographs by Alan Kidner
8511January2011CollectionPempoul – A Voyage Of Discovery by Gordon Gravett
8611April2011CollectionA Garratt for the Towey Valley by Dennis Harrison
The Mating Game, Part 1 by John Clutterbuck
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 5 – Turnout Levers, Turntable & Weighbridge by Roy C. Link
8711July2011CollectionIndustrial Diorama in 1/35th Scale by Nick Ogden
A Tale of Two Manning Wardles by Gerry Clarke
The Mating Game, Part 2 by John Clutterbuck
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 6 – Stonework & Grass by Roy C. Link
8811October2011CollectionThe Corrugated Iron Shed by Mike Cowley
Fen End Pit Revisited by David Barham
The Elements Of Weathering, Part 1 by Tim Shackleton
8912January2012CollectionOn War Service by Alex Duckworth
The Adit by Steve Bell
The Elements Of Weathering, Part 2 by Tim Shackleton
9012April2012CollectionMetalSmith’s Embossing Tool
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 7 – Stone Smithy/Workshop by Roy C. Link
King George VI – A Pacific for Shifting Sands by Colin Peake
9112July2012CollectionCutting Microscope Slides For Glazing by Håvard Houen
Ixion’s R-T-R Manning Wardle in 7mm by Tim Shackleton
9212October2012CollectionMicro Layouts: ‘The Pizza’ In 2mm NG by Mark Fielder
Scratchbuilt Road Vehicles for 16mm by Paul Bernsten
9312January2013WishlistPechot Wagon For The Trenches by Alex Duckworth
9412April2013CollectionLittle and Large by Paul Bernten
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 8 – The Office and its Interior Details by Roy C. Link
9512July2013CollectionTregarrick: Postcard From The Past by Iain Rice
From Urban Tram To Muir-Hill Railtractor by Alex Duckworth
9612October2013CollectionTelegraph Poles For The PLR by John Clutterbuck
Weathering A Sentinel by Tim Shackleton
9713January2014CollectionSnailbeach No 4 in 7mm by Trevor Hughes
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 9 – Housing the Diorama and Miscellaneous Details by Roy C. Link
Bridging the Gap by John Clutterbuck
9813April2014CollectionLynbridge To Lynton by Chris Walker
A Fowler in 16mm by Paul Bernsten
9913July2014CollectionYorkshire Engine Co ‘Janus’ In 2mm by Alex Duckworth
Skippy Goes OO9 by Alex Duckworth
10013October2014CollectionThe Ynys Gwyntog Project by Bob Barlow
Bronwen by Alex Duckworth
A Simplex for Ynys Gwyntog by Roy C. Link
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 10 – Bagnall Locomotive by Roy C. Link
Behind the Front (WDLR) by Alex Duckworth
10113January2015CollectionSilver Soldering by Giles Favell
Appliqué Rivets by Ray Lantz
David Hick by David Pinniger
10213April2015CollectionTrevor Quarry Wagons: 009 Printed In 3D by Mark A Greenwood
Slaters 16mm Simplex, Part 1 by Roy C. Link
10313July2015Collection7mm Industrial Garratt by Giles Favell
Crowsnest Chronicles, Part 11 – Two New Wagons by Roy C. Link
10614April2016CollectionA 16mm Ruston LBT by David Barham
Ynys Gwyntog – The Future by Alex Duckworth
10814October2016CollectionWoolacombe Bay by Frank Combe
Photography Diorama by Nick Brown
Finishing The Peckett by Alex Duckworth
11014April2017CollectionLynton & Barnstaple Railway Lyn 2-4-2 In 009 by Francis Samish
11114July2017CollectionA 1:32 Scale War Dept. Baldwin 4-6-0 by Paul Bernsten
Form Tool Machining of Lost-Wax Cast Brass Wheels by Paul Bernsten
Miracle Modelling Machine? – An Introduction To The Pantograph Mill by Roy C. Link
11214October2017CollectionTalyllyn Wagons in 1:32 Scale by Peter Kazer
11315January2018CollectionHOf 6.5mm gauge Heilbronn Loco ‘Besighiem’ by Alex Duckworth
The Profiform Guillotine and Its Use by Paul Bernsten
11415April2018Collection –
11615October2018CollectionFen End Pit – The Rebuild by David Barham
Die Adlerhorst Waldbahn, Part 1 – Making The Forest by Roy C Link
11715January2019CollectionSlaters 16mm Simplex, Part 2 by Roy C. Link
11815April2019CollectionBridport & Charmouth News, Part 1 – The Bridport Harbour Tramway by David Taylor
11915July2019CollectionBridport & Charmouth News, Part 2 – The Marshwood Vale Railway by David Taylor
12015October2019CollectionBridport & Charmouth News, Part 3 – A Tale of Two Brake Vans by David Taylor
12116January2020CollectionBridport & Charmouth News Part 4 – ‘Foxdale’ Coach Conversions by David Taylor
12216April2020CollectionBridport & Charmouth News, Part 5 – Bridport Town Developments by David Taylor
12316July2020CollectionUnder Review: Ultimation Sander & Repeater
12816October2021CollectionWeathering Heights by Tim Shackleton
13017April2022CollectionLynton & Barnstaple Manning Wardle 2-6-2Ts by Tom Mallard
13117July2022CollectionNewton Heath Works by Martin Finney & Mike Baker
A Way with Wasps by Tim Shackleton
13517July2023CollectionTeklasjö Station by Tobias Ljung – A distinctive Swedish 1:45 scale wooden building.
Track Studies – ‘Mainline’ NG Railways by Gordon Gravett – Manx and French examples with mode track.
Quick-Fix Trees by Tim Shackleton – Fast, convincing, pain-free results that needn’t cost the Earth.

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