EMD developed the GP38 as a simpler and less expensive alternative to the turbocharged GP40, expecting it to appeal to smaller roads that didn’t need the extra speed and power of a turbocharged engine. Externally similar to the GP40, the GP38 was rated at 2,000 horsepower from their normally aspirated 645 prime movers.

Maine Central

The Bangor & Aroostook purchased a pair of GP38s in March 1966, some of the very first built. The MEC looked on with much interest, acknowledging that their F3s were near the end of their usefulness. That summer, a test using BAR 81 and 82 was arranged and from June 11 to 22, the pair ran just over 2000 miles on the MEC covering Vanceboro to St. Johnsbury and the Calais and Rumford Branches. Judged a success, the road’s largest diesel order ever was placed for 12 dynamic brake-equipped GP38s in August. Arriving in November and December 1966, the units introduced the yellow and green colours to locomotives and drew a mark in time separating the “post-B&M, post passenger MEC… Delivered via St. Johnsbury by Canadian Pacific.

251GP38Nov 196632660Harvest GoldRR Pictures Archive
252GP38Nov 196632661Harvest GoldRR Pictures Archive
253GP38Nov 196632662Harvest GoldRR Pictures Archive
254GP38Nov 196632663Harvest GoldRR Pictures Archive
255GP38Nov 196632664Harvest GoldTo HELM Financial; to CLP 203RR Pictures Archive
256GP38Nov 196632665Harvest GoldRR Pictures Archive
257GP38Nov 196632666Harvest GoldTo CDOT 257; to Locomotive Leasing Partners in 1998; rebuilt 13th May 1998 by VMV to GP38-2 as UP 2382; to UP 882 on 20 Jul 2001; to GMTX 2101 on 22 Jun 2006; to CCGX 4205 in Oct 2016.RR Pictures Archive
258GP38Nov 196632667Harvest GoldRR Pictures Archive
259GP38Nov 196632668Harvest GoldRR Pictures Archive
260GP38Nov 196632669Harvest GoldFire damage Jul 1985; retired Jul 1990, scrapped.RR Pictures Archive
261GP38Nov 196632670Harvest GoldTo BM 261; scrapped.RR Pictures Archive
262GP38Nov 196632671Harvest GoldRR Pictures Archive
263GP38Sep 196733280Harvest Gold To HLCX 263; to HLCX 3617; to YVRR 3617; to CALA 3617; to SSRX 3617.RR Pictures Archive


Harvest Gold / Green “Circle Herald”Atlas4892648988May 2007
Harvest Gold / GreenAtlas4892048984April 2005
Harvest Gold / Green “Circle Herald”Atlas4892748989May 2007
Harvest Gold / GreenAtlas4892148985April 2005
Harvest Gold / GreenAtlas4890848976March 2002
Harvest Gold / GreenAtlas4890948977March 2002
Harvest Gold / GreenAtlas48910March 2002
Harvest Gold / GreenAtlas48910April 2005
Harvest Gold / Green “Circle Herald”Atlas48928May 2007

Conway Scenic

252GP38RR Pictures Archive


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